Rituals when we’re mad

My baby girl and I have rituals that we’ve established. Really simple ones but they really get us refocused and into our respective head spaces; me-Dominant and her, submissive. There are days when we argue or fall on the same monthly cycle and become two hormonal bitches that nit-pick little everything thing. ¬†Two nights ago, what the hell was it we were upset about? Seriously, I don’t remember but I do know that it was stupid.

Let me backtrack, one ritual is a coming-home ritual, pretty much for when I get home because I’m the one with the vehicle and she gets home by me picking her up. Anyway, this ritual basically goes like this: when I get home from work, she greets me and opens the door, takes off my boots then we say our little devotional mantra of surrender. As I said before, it helps to refocus our minds and reestablishes our roles and intimacy for each day. Gets me out of “work mode” and puts her in the head space to serve me. This is a beautiful thing but is especially difficult when things aren’t all sunshines and rainbows. When I’m upset I don’t particularly feel like kissing her hand and staring deep into her eyes and all that jazz. Okay now, back to my little story..

So, I get home from work–park the car and she calls really quick saying she has hair stuff all in her hands and can’t open the door for me. {I was mad, but 2 points for calling to let me know…I know dick of me to be taking score} …I get inside feeling a bit more irritated being that one protocol was half way broken. Instead of taking my own boots off, I walked into the bathroom where she was perming her hair and told her to find me in the living room as soon as she is done. She came after about 20 minutes looking like a sad puppy seeing I still had on my uniform and boots..I gave her the “domly-dom look” and put my foot up on the stool (like usual) and she removes my boots. I then looked to the floor and she kneeled knowingly and we said our mantra the way we do and like magic, we both knew we were okay again.

So my point…I don’t fucking know. I guess, stick to the protocol and do the rituals you agreed to! I’m a newbie so I’m not really telling this to anyone but myself.

I’m still learning and will forever be learning about this power exchange business. I feel like my head and heart are in the right place and that I will never go vanilla again. This is my life now-this is our life now. I do believe it’s okay to take a break sometimes to just be. But being that our relationship in this way is new, I want to really create habits and a this new way of life. I’m sticking to my shit.

That is all.